And with all that, it was still the appearance that was the least tense and the most cheerful.

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And with all that, it was still the appearance that was the least tense and the most cheerful.

The CDU must have a "" hot heart "" when it comes to the climate, she said. What is also needed is "a cool head who knows that technology can solve problems better." "Her speech was repeatedly interrupted by applause. The CDU shouldn't get lost in internal debates and shouldn't lag behind on important political issues, but rather set the pace, warned Kramp-Karrenbauer. Source:, cri / dpa / AFP "The debate about Maassen is AKK's second crisis after the dispute about the Rezo video. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Personalie Maaßen continues to cause Kramp-Karrenbauer problems, because even after she has made it clear that she has not called for exclusion from the party, criticism is raining.

The federal chairman of the Junge Union forbids "" own goals from Berlin "". The Junge Union has criticized the way CDU chairman Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer dealt with the controversial ex-constitution protection chief Hans-Georg Maaßen. He would like more support for the campaigners from Brandenburg and Saxony and no "" own goals from Berlin, "" said JU boss Tilman Kuban on Deutschlandfunk. Kramp-Karrenbauer had at least not ruled out party expulsion proceedings against Maaßen at the weekend and was later forced to make it clear that she did not seek a party expulsion. Kuban took Maaßen, who had lost his job as constitutional protection chief due to controversial statements last year, expressly under protection .

Maaßen is "" arguable "", but acts on the basis of the values ​​of the Basic Law and the Union. Maaßen, who belongs to the Union of Values ​​in the CDU, appeared in the run-up to the state elections on September 1 in Saxony. Kuban also criticized the fact that debates in the Union "would like to be personalized". He was referring to Union parliamentary group vice Carsten Linnemann, who had come under criticism with statements about insufficient German language skills among primary school children. There is a "" mistake in the culture of debate, "" criticized the JU boss. This must be preserved even in difficult times. AKK had already had to listen to sharp criticism from the party’s youngsters: It wanted to make her confidante Nico Lange the federal executive director of the CDU, which was met with incomprehension in the JU.

Lange had provoked displeasure with his analysis of the causes of the weak CDU European election result. Kramp-Karrenbauer finally gave in and Stefan Heenwig got the post. Source:, shu / dpa "The CDU has never had a primary election. Now this possibility is being discussed again. Party leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer says, however, that it did So far always "" good reasons against "" given. To the debate about a possible primary election in the CDU, party leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said at n-tv Frühstart that her party had "" always said with good reasons that she would not follow this path "" The Junge Union wants to vote at its Germany Day next weekend on whether it wants to submit a primary election application at the party congress at the end of November. "" The Junge Union has always been free to submit its own applications wait for Germany Day and then possibly a debate at the party congress, "" said Kramp-Karrenbauer. "" We will see how the delegates will behave. "" CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak wanted himself not clearly stipulated on this issue on Sunday.

The next candidate for chancellor will be determined "" equally and jointly with the CSU, he told ARD. Even if the Union's offspring should vote in favor of a primary election of the candidate for chancellor at their meeting, a party congress resolution would be necessary for corresponding changes to the statutes of the CDU and CSU. Ex-Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg also made friends with the idea. He said of the "" image "": "" I don't think this idea of ​​primary choice is so bad.

One can certainly think about it. "" The conservative union of values ​​is also planning a motion for the primary election of the candidate for chancellor at the CDU party congress at the end of November. "In order to be able to react quickly in the event of the SPD leaving the GroKo, the Union should determine the procedure for determining its candidate for chancellor as soon as possible," said its chairman, Alexander Mitsch, of the "Passauer Neue Presse". "" The Union of Values ​​considers a primary election to be a good means of strengthening internal party democracy (…) We will submit the application at the party congress. "" Thuringia's CDU country chief Mike Mohring has criticized the recent debate about a primary election of the Union candidate for chancellor . "" It would be nice if we didn't make the same mistakes as the SPD, "said Mohring to the editorial network in Germany. “Instead of dwell on staff debates, we should concentrate on factual politics – and on the election campaign.” “In Thuringia, a new state parliament will be elected on October 27th, Mohring is the top candidate of his party there. Source:, bdk / dpa "" Without us it would be boring "", sends Markus Söder to the sister party CDU. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) After the showdown between CDU boss Kramp-Karrenbauer and her critics at the party congress, the delegates go into the dry Thematic work. The appearance of a provocatively relaxed CSU boss Söder offers relaxation. In the end, it is not entirely clear – was it more than a greeting, why not Markus Söder?

After the postponed power decision in the CDU, the delegates of the party congress in Leipzig gratefully let their stressed souls be caressed. And the "" little sister "" from Bavaria took on this task with relish. CSU party leader Söder presented himself aggressive and quick-witted, in parts almost like a stand-up comedian. He is also the head of a party that is at peace with itself. And because the question of who should run for the Chancellery in 2021 was hovering over the delegates' meeting, there is now another question in the room: What about Söder? He gives no answer to that question.

He "" doesn't care who was the candidate. I want the Chancellor to be appointed by the Union in 2021 and the CSU to have a say in the matter beforehand. In any case, it should not be the same as in previous years, when both parts of the Union came together in public. The CSU party conference will not be forgotten, at which the then chairman Horst Seehofer put Chancellor Angela Merkel in the lace for minutes on the stage.

CDU boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer speaks in retrospect of "" dramatic moments in the Union family "". "" And that is my promise to you, Annegret, that we will never do something like last year again. "" The words fall on thankful ground. "" We don't want to merge, but we are a family, "says Söder and gleefully collects the laughs. As a "" little sister "" the CSU could not "" determine anything, but without us it would be boring "". Applause from the scene. And the tone continues: At the SPD, you can "really feel the permanent depression," "he says. Even if they succeed in something, find someone who says it is not enough. "" Invite "", he asks the delegates, "" invite someone to his home who always complains? "" In the same tone, but much more extensively, the Greens continue. But the introduction to the topic is serious at first. "" The AfD is the enemy, the Greens are our main challenger: "" CDU General Paul Ziemiak made a less subtle distinction a few days ago.

The Greens have no offer to bourgeois voters, says Söder, referring to Bremen, where the party decided to form an R2G alliance with the help of the left. The party has shown its "" true face "". The Greens "" want higher taxes, higher prices and bans – such as oil heating "". The green model means, says Söder in between, "" that people have to freeze and are not allowed to fetch wood in the forest because the conservationists are there "".

Once in motion it goes on: The Greens want drugs to be released, but meat is forbidden. They demand more wind power and insist in Brandenburg even on the controversial 1000 meter distance. You are in citizens' groups protesting against radio masts and are organizing to do this via cell phone.

In summary: "" The Greens have more morals than we do – they have double standards. "" He doesn't think that "" you can create jobs with philosophy alone, warm greetings to Habeck "", the Green Party leader. No reason for pun For him, however, is the AfD. The "" democratic soil vibrates, "says Söder. "" For me the AfD is the enemy "". And "" the more they say it, the less it becomes true: the AfD is not a bourgeois party "", "" but the new NPD "".

And you don't do anything with "" people like that, you fight people like that, "" he says. Clear line, clear edge, be that. And he also closes with serious words: He always hears that everything changes so quickly. But "" we don't make the pace of change, but the speed of reaction, "" he says. There will be no "" back to the old world, where everything was beautiful, in this world. "" He appeals to "" Unity, stability and openness of the Union "". And one more thing, people "" feel it exactly whether someone feels like governing or sees it as a burden, "" he shouts. "Imagine that a representative comes to the door and says to you: Well, I wouldn't buy it" "- what follows is a long applause. What do these 30 minutes mean for the Union?

It is first of all the renewed commitment to "" never again "" argue like the tinkerers. It was also the most relaxed appearance of a top politician at this party congress, and it was the sharpest attacks on the new main opponent – but also the most promising coalition partner of the Union. There were also the clearest words against the AfD by many.

And with all that, it was still the appearance that was the least tense and the most cheerful. Perhaps they look from Munich with a smile on the rumbling new start of the big sister after the Merkel era. He has to be careful that a greeting does not turn into a speech, says Söder in between. AKK now knows that she has to be careful, because someone is still sitting happily in Bavaria. He could be the laughing third party if the personnel debates in the CDU continue for months Union has arrived – and continues to bloom there.

The latest suggestion comes from the Union parliamentary group deputy Andreas Jung: He wants to massively expand the truck toll in Germany. The revenue is to be used to make traffic more climate-friendly. So far in Germany there is only a toll for trucks on federal roads and motorways. Union parliamentary group vice Andreas Jung would like to change this – for reasons of climate protection. "" I advocate a truck toll from 3.5 tons and on all roads where the craft remains outside "", said the CDU politician of the "" Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung "" (FAZ).

The additional federal funds would have to flow into rail freight transport. "" It should be agreed with the federal states and local authorities that they use their income to strengthen local public transport. "" This is considered more climate-friendly than cars. The newspaper wrote that Jung wanted such a comprehensive truck toll on state and municipal roads. The previous toll applies to trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 7.5 tonnes and more on all federal highways and motorways, that is a total of 52,000 kilometers of road. Together with Union parliamentary deputy Georg Nüßlein from the CSU, Jung heads a "" Climate Coordination Group ", which is supposed to work out the basis for climate protection legislation for the Union by September "" Welt am Sonntag "" has already spoken out in favor of promoting climate protection also through tax reform. In it, both speak out in favor of a scrapping premium for oil heating systems – and for the inclusion of sustainable development as a national goal in the Basic Law Motor vehicle tax, in which car taxation is based on CO2 emissions.

A CO2 certificate trading is also necessary. Source:, kst / dpa "Markus Söder praises the big sister party. (Photo: dpa) The CDU is used to clear words from Bavaria. But this time CSU boss Söder does not take the sister party, But the coalition partner SPD and the Greens on the grain. He praises the cooperation with CDU leader Kramp-Karrenbauer.

CSU boss Markus Söder has conjured up the unity and unity of the union in view of the uncertain situation with the coalition partner SPD. In the SPD, "" the permanent depression "" can almost be felt, said Söder at the CDU federal party conference in Leipzig. Only those who show optimism and a desire for new things will inspire people in Germany. The first address for this should be the Union parties, not the Greens. This is especially true in view of the Green Party Congress a week ago, where a harmonious show was shown.

The decisions of the Greens, however, are not an offer for bourgeois voters, but a very tough program towards the left. Söder certified the CDU that it had shown in Leipzig that it was the strongest political force in Germany. In view of the long-standing dispute over the migration policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Bavarian Prime Minister said his promise was that something like this would never be done again. “We are a family, we are only strong together.” “Kramp-Karrenbauer had previously said when greeting Söders that the CDU and CSU had overcome the dramatic months for the Union family of the past. Source:, wne / dpa“ Activists In Seoul there are pictures of women who were forced into prostitution by Japan during World War II (Photo: REUTERS) The Second World War ended in East Asia 75 years ago, but there are still open wounds.

Seoul and Tokyo are engaged in tangible diplomatic disputes over Japanese war atrocities. This threatens trade – and the interests of the United States. They are called "comfort women". But that's pretty much belittling. In reality, the women and girls were forced prostitutes who were systematically abused and ill-treated by Japanese soldiers in war brothels during World War II.

It is estimated that at least 200,000 people suffered this fate.